Monday, August 27, 2018

Victoria–Final post for this trip.

We stayed on the ship rather than visit Victoria. None of the shore excursions appealed and it’s not like we’ve never visited Victoria. Anyway we stayed on the ship. We have our luggage all packed and will place it in the hallway when we go to bed. We’ll be able to pick it up on the dock and won’t need to cart it through the ship and boarding area. We have reservations on the 11:00 train so we have lots of time to get to the station. This morning when we came through the Strait of Juan DeFuca it was foggy again so again no photos of the Olympics, 


The Olympic Mountains are gorgeous even in haze and under clouds.


The Grand Princess was at the Victoria cruise ship dock when we arrived. She carries over 3000 guests, nearly double our ship.


Victoria from the harbor.


M.V. Coho, the ferry that runs from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria. We’ve ridden that boat many times.


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