Friday, August 17, 2018

Tracy Arm

Day - 3  Scenic cruise on Tracy Arm.
And scenic it was. Tracy Arm ends at Sawyer Glacier and today we were able to go all the way in to the glacier. This is a pretty big ship and there isn’t a whole lot of room up in front of the glacier. Carol talked to a lady who had taken this cruise twice before and this is the first time she’s seen the glacier. On our way in the cloud cover was a few hundred feet so visibility was really pretty good. On  our was out the clouds dropped lower and for a while it was virtually foggy out. It was a nice day. For much of it we sat on our veranda and watched the world go by. When we’re sitting in the chairs back by the door it’s quite comfortable but when I was out by the rail taking photos it wasn’t quite so pleasant.


Tracy Arm ends at Sawyer Glacier so on our way in we passed a lot of float ice calved off from the glacier.


Along Tracy Arm


First Sight of the glacier


Sawyer Glacier

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Today was our best one to date. We booked an excursion out of Ketchikan; a boat trip into the Misty Fjords National Monument and wilderness area. It was 5 hours from when we left the dock until we tied back up and got off. It was quite cloudy when we left but it mostly cleared up and when we well into the National Monument it was really quite sunny. Lots of marvelous photos. The commercial salmon season starts tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM so we saw several fishing boats that were anchored in their favorite fishing spot and already to start tomorrow at 5:00.


Ketchikan bills itself as “Alaska’s 1st city” meaning the first city that most of the cruises stop at.


New Eddystone Rock, one of the landmarks in Misty Fjords National Monument.


Once he weather cleared the scenery was spectacular.


A fishing boat sets out for Salmon season.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

At Sea

I’d rather looked forward to today; we’d be sailing up the Western coast of Vancouver Island and I was hoping to get some photos across to the island. When we got up it was so foggy we could hardly see the ocean outside the ship. It was in no hurry to clear up either. I’m writing this after 7:00 PM and it’s pretty clear now but it didn’t clear up in time to see anything of Vancouver Island. Tomorrow we’ll be in Ketchikan. We have a boat tour booked. Tonight we’re going to a stage review put on by the ship’s entertainers.


This was the view out of our cabin today. Disappointing.


This is actually from yesterday but it’s really different from those I posted yesterday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Alaska Cruise–Day 0

A brief note of explanation.  We’re actually home from this cruise but I had no internet access while on the ship so I had to wait ‘til we got home. Several readers of this blog asked for me ton post it one day at a time so that’s what I’ll do. Enjoy!

After checking out of the hotel we took a cab to the cruise ship dock at pier 91. The check in procedure goes really well. We had lunch at the buffet and it was really good. We’ll likely eat there a lot. We’re learning our way around the ship. I got some pretty good photos of the Seattle skyline when we pulled out. I was looking forward to getting some photos of the Olympic Mountains when we sailed past but there’s so much smoke in the air that you can’t hardly see the skyline that way. Anyway, we’re well underway. I hope tomorrow is clearer so I can get some photos of Vancouver Island.


Seattle Skyline


The iconic Space Needle


A Washington State ferry and Seattle container port.

We’re off.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Home tomorrow

Tonight we're only 4 hours from home so tomorrow noonish we ought to get home. Yay!

This may well be our last significant driving trip. It's gotten so it's hard for us. It's been great fun and we've really enjoyed the trips we've taken. We've seen more of this country than most and we'll still take shorter trips. We're tentatively planning Olympic National Park for next summer.

At any rate, we had some extra time today so we stopped at an antique shop in far Western Montana. It was an outstanding shop. Lots of great old furniture and cast iron cookware. All in good condition and well presented. An antique toy truck was priced at $2450 (yes, no decimal point).


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Butte, MT

Butte is a miining town that looks like a mining town. As you drive past on I-90 you can easily see the old headframes dotting the hill. At least a dozen of them. When we first visited you couldn't get decent photos of any of them.That's gradually changing as they continue with the super fund clean up of the surrounding propery.

The photo today was a bit of luck. As we drove past this one the workers had opened the gate so I could get an unobstructed view. They gave me permission to take a few photographs before they closed it off again. This headframe still has the old winch house standing nearby. I think it makes for a lovely photograph.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Head'n Home

We've actually been on the road for a couple of days. Extra photos today since I missed yesterday completely.  :(

Back when we started out I mentioned that I like to photograph the old grain elevators. I also like the windmills. While some of them are the old wooden ones, others like this one, are contemporary.

Over time, to remain viable, the size of farms has grown over the decades. A side effect of small farms being merged into larger more profitable ones is that many of those farmhouses were abandoned. We passed several every day.

Finally, a scene from US Rt 12 in Eastern Montana.