Monday, August 27, 2018

Victoria–Final post for this trip.

We stayed on the ship rather than visit Victoria. None of the shore excursions appealed and it’s not like we’ve never visited Victoria. Anyway we stayed on the ship. We have our luggage all packed and will place it in the hallway when we go to bed. We’ll be able to pick it up on the dock and won’t need to cart it through the ship and boarding area. We have reservations on the 11:00 train so we have lots of time to get to the station. This morning when we came through the Strait of Juan DeFuca it was foggy again so again no photos of the Olympics, 


The Olympic Mountains are gorgeous even in haze and under clouds.


The Grand Princess was at the Victoria cruise ship dock when we arrived. She carries over 3000 guests, nearly double our ship.


Victoria from the harbor.


M.V. Coho, the ferry that runs from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria. We’ve ridden that boat many times.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

At Sea

We’re on our way between Sitka yesterday and Victoria tomorrow. Out of sight of land so nothing to watch even. On the other hand it’s about the warmest weather we’ve seen since we left Seattle so it was pleasant to sit out on our veranda in the sunshine with a book. There is a small library aboard and we’ve been getting books from it to read. Carol has read more than I as I’ve got my photos to play with so while I fuss with my pictures she reads. I’ll include some photos of the library today.


Mural on library wall


Part of the fiction section


Not just books


Quiet time


Saturday, August 25, 2018


We took the shuttle into town and just puttered around there. We visited the old Russian Orthodox church, visited some shops and galleries and took some photos all in all a  very satisfactory day. It was marred a bit because I had forgotten to reset my camera after taking photos of our last towel creation. Whoever tends our room in the evening leaves a towel sculpture. We’ve gotten a seal and an elephant and a rabbit and others. The past few I’ve photographed and to get the white of the towel I need to dial in some positive exposure offset. Last evening I neglected to put it back and didn't notice until I’d taken 10 photos or so. Some I retook and some others I rescued in Photoshop but I did lose three or so completely.


Folded towel elephant


Sitka harbor – My favorite photo of the day.


Downtown Sitka – Many of these shops are normal stores.


Interior – Russian Orthodox Church


We finally saw a whale from our veranda


Friday, August 24, 2018

Hubbard Glacier

We got to the glacier around 2:00. As he did at Sawyer Glacier the captain first turned the port side of the ship to the glacier and after 20 minutes or so turned it so the starboard side faced the glacier. Our cabin is on the starboard side so we get the second turn. While we were turned away I took the camera up to the lido deck where there is open deck at the stern of the ship. I was glad that I did. As it happened, when he turned our side to the glacier the clouds dropped nearly tp the surface to where it became problematic to see the glacier at all. We didn’t even bother to sit out on our veranda to watch. As an aside, the Hubbard glacier is something of an anomaly . In warmer climate it advances rather than retreats. The warmer weather brings heavier snows to the snowfields that feed it.








Glacier – 2


Thursday, August 23, 2018


More school busses. At least these had more leg room than the ones at Homer. We took a 50 min narrated tour. The driver narrator was a former teacher and was born and raised here in Kodiak so was able to give us a native’s view of the city. She stopped at two scenic points for photo ops. We discussed taking the shuttle back into town. We could have visited the Baranov Museum and photographed the Russian Orthodox church here.


Downtown Kodiak and small boat harbor


Waterfront Park




Kodiak container port. Everything on the island arrives by air or by boat.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Homer is another port that is only visited by this particular cruise. Unlike Anchorage, the only bus leasing service that can provide multiple busses is the local school bus service. Lots of bright yellow busses down on the deep water port today. Carol and I rode the Hop - on, hop - off bus. It makes 4 stops in town. We got off at three of them. We visited two art galleries and walked on one of the local beaches. We also rode the shuttle to the end of the spit. It seems like there has been a lot of development on the spit since we were here 10 years ago.


Shuttle busses


Bald Eagle


Bishop’s Beach


Shops on the spit


Tuesday, August 21, 2018


This is the only cruise that stops at Anchorage. All of the other cruise lines stop at Seward or Whittier, the other two deep water ports. All of the other Holland America cruises stop at Seward. Every two weeks this trip stops at Anchorage. It is the only one. We chose to take a train trip down through the Kenai to Grandview. The trip started out along Tournagain Arm. Then  a side trip over to Whittier and back to the main line. There were two nearly identical tours. One of them got off the train and took a hike to a glacier. The other stayed on the train for the ride to  Grandview. Then we picked up the group that had done the hike and another group that had done a white water raft trip. Busses brought us all back to the ship.


Anchorage is a real city. Nearly 50% of all Alaskans live here or nearby.


View across Tournagain Arm rendered in B/W


Miles Glacier (?)


Alayna Falls – Named by a young lady employed by Alaska Railroad. She was captivated by these falls and when she learned that they had no formal name she went through the process to name them after herself.