Saturday, July 16, 2016

Welcome to Utah

Actually we’re in Idaho tonight but I didn’t get a welcome to Idaho sign. This one is at the Echo Welcome Center as you enter Utah Southbound from Wyoming.


I love this welcome center. We’ve driven this road, in this direction several times and I always try to stop here just to drink in the beauty of the location.


This valley is a significant transportation corridor. Besides I-80, the Union Pacific main rail line comes through here. Driving down from Wyoming we met 4 trains on these tracks. Here an engine pulling a string of boxcars climbs the grade up to Evanston.


This is our last night on the road. Tomorrow we’ll be home and we’re both ready.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following our travels.

Tom & Carol

Friday, July 15, 2016

Backcountry Wyoming

Back when we wee in Colorado I mentioned that to really appreciate the high country you need to get off the Intestates and onto secondary roads that up into the mountains. The same is true of Wyoming (and probably all the other mountain states) A few years ago we drove Wyoming Rt 130 which connects at both ends with I-80 and loops through the Medicine Bow Mountains and gets close up and personal with the Snowy Range. It is 96 miles long and the ends are ~72 miles apart on I-80. Today it took us something over 2 hours to drive that 96 miles.


Tom & Carol

Thursday, July 14, 2016

North Platte

We had only a 6 hr drive today and as we got our usual start at around 7:15 we were here in North Platte before 3:00. We checked out things to do in this area at an information center and picked two. Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard and an interesting antique mall.

Bailey Yard is the largest rail yard in the world with 312 miles of track and 766 switches. 125 trains and 12,000 rail cars are handled here daily. This is the visitor center tower that overlooks much of the yard.


The other place we went calls itself “The Bin” The owners rounded up several old wooden gran bins and converted them so each one is a little antique shop.


Tom and Carol

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Across the Plains

A most interesting day…

It started off when I tried to give our GPS the address for tonight’s motel and it wouldn’t recognize the address.

Then later on this afternoon we drove through a really nasty thunderstorm. Wind and dark and heavy rain. I slowed way down as I could barely make out the lights on the truck ahead of me and I could only see about three of the centerline dashes. I-80 in Iowa is posted 70 MPH. Apparently some folks take that as a minimum rather than a maximum as I was being passed by lots of drivers going every bit of the speed limit. The only saving grace is that I was traveling West and the storm was headed East.

This is why they call it the plains.


Tom & Carol

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Headin’ Home

We left Bob and Jen’s a bit after 7:00 this morning and headed West. We took I-90 as far as Toledo, OH and then dropped South to US 24 so we bypass the Chicago area tomorrow. Tonight we’re in Peru Indiana.

An observation: Sunday when we were driving South from Rochester on 219 we drove for miles through fully forested hills. No farms, no clearings, no towns, forest. This is not parkland or protected. It’s simply forest. There is a lot of that in Western NY. More than I remember and I was raised thee.

Bob and Jean’s grand daughter, Olivia had her 9th birthday yesterday. Most all of the family was at the party so Carol and I got to reconnect with several relatives that we’ve not seen in years.

This is the birthday girl


We didn’t stop anywhere for photos today. This is a grab shot out the side window. This building is on the Cleveland lakefront and I have no idea what it is. It surely is picturesque.


Tom & Carol

Monday, July 11, 2016

Scenic Drive

This lovely victorian home is one of the prettiest in East Randolph. Bob says that some years back it was for sale and he could have bought it for $9000. It needed major renovation inside as it been subdivided into apartments and had suffered neglect but as you see it has fine bones. Sometimes we’re just not in a position to act on the opportunities that come our way.


Another old barn. I think this has possibilities.


We ate lunch on the terrace of the administration building in Alleghany State Park. Under the umbrellas at the far end.


When the Kinzua Dam was built on the Alleghany River and created Alleghany Lake it inundated two graveyards; one in a local village and one traditional indian burial ground. Both were relocated to this site which overlooks the river valley.


Tom & Carol



This is the photo that didn’t make it into today’s blog