Sunday, September 25, 2016


Carol had a loss of concentration yesterday and pulled in front of an oncoming car which hit us broadside at 70 MPH The worst injury was a broken ankle on one of the passengers in the other car. Carol is pretty banged up. She hit her right knee on the steering column and it’s close to double normal size. She’s also pretty bruised from her seat belt. Our car wound up on the driver side so we had to climb out the door on my side, top.

We now have a rental car but may need to exchange it as I got it at the airport and as they cost more there our insurance company may object. Today being Sunday I’ve not yet talked to our adjuster.

We were there nearly 30 minutes before the first help arrived. EMTs from a volunteer fire company nearly 20 miles away. We were in an ambulance on our way to Missoula before any law enforcement sowed up. They eventually tracked us down at the Hospital and Carol has an Improper Turn citation.

So ends our little vacation. We may not get home ‘til Wed.


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Linda Gross said...

I am glad that both of you are OK, without injuries more serious. I am glad, too, that the other car occupants injuries were not severe.